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Taking a Break

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Asalaam 'Alaikum:

Well - we are now on the road to homeschooling - and that's my main priority right now. So, I probably won't be updating this blog for quite some time now. However, I will keep it up in case it proves useful for someone out there, insha'Allah.

At some point in the future I hope to continue this blog - but for the time being, it just isn't possible with all that I need to accomplish right now. Insha'Allah at some point in the future, I will return.

Asalaam 'Alaikum,
Sumayyah Umm Sadiqah wa Asma

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  • Salaam Alaikum:
    Inshallah, your homeschooling will be successful. I think it is a wonderful idea. What books are you using?

    By Anonymous Irving Karchmar, at April 29, 2006  
  • Great Blog..

    Take your time and work hard..

    Walahi we are really in a very BIG trial..I hope real muslims will come out the "Winners"..

    Let us struggle to take the message of Islam to as far as possible..

    By Blogger The Rendezvous, at July 31, 2006  
  • Asalaamu alaikum waramatulahi wa baraktu, I hear you, I'm drained AlahmaduliAllah but it's a great cause. How is your homeschool going?

    By OpenID muslimahjourney, at January 12, 2010  
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